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Founded in 1995, Compson Group serves as one of the largest distribution platform in the South East area for 
international and local pharmaceutical factories, health product factories, TV and broadcast shopping channels, 
direct selling companies and beverage factories, etc. Representing more than 400 products worldwide, Compson 
acts as the key agent for prestige pharmaceutical brands, general health products materials, biotech food 
ingredients, crude drugs preparations, herbal extracts, skin care product series, natural lotion series, pet food 
ingredients and biotech materials used for academic experiment. Additionally, Compson also provide a wide 
range of supporting services from product design planning, development, purchasing, customer service,
management, quality control, logistic, regional business and OEM service to cater to the diverse needs of potential

Compson Group excellent services help to bridge Southeast area with large-scale biotech material manufacturers
and academic institutions internationally. Representing more than 100 materials for exquisite brands as their exclusive
agent; bulk import of common materials to reduce quality risk, shipping and customs cost implied on individual
customer. Being the top-tier distributor in the region, Comspon connects with customers on the most updated
materials for effective business results. 

Core Values
Established on the passion for health supplements industry, Compson aim to continue to provide excellent services
and reduce customer’s risk by constantly observing the market trend in Taiwan and other sales territories. 

Three major core values: 
1. Good price
Reduce in costing from share price advantages with bulk import. Import of common goods such as in glucosamine
and lutein, etc. in large quantity to provide quality-assured product with the best price for our valued customers. 

2. Good quality 
Make great deal of investment in inspection equipments and personnel to meet our customers’ needs with delicate
inspection level, acting as a pharmaceutical factory. 

3. Good service 
Customized personnel service dedicated for each and every customer to cater to their different needs.  

Compson Service Group Management Structure

Research & Development Group:
Multilingualism R&D personnel are tasked to analyze the world’s latest raw materials through Comspon’s strict SOP,
and meticulously hand-pick the finest quality and match the different needs of each region. To be in track with the
fact-evolving industry trend, the team has to determine the latest product in the industry, confirm product 
effectiveness and make market comparison to enable bridge customers and the products. Representing more than
100 materials for top leading international brands, Compson’s are able to be in close contact with product
information globally.  
Business Group: 
Business group with specialized departments across Taichung, Taipei and Tainan, providing customers with exporting
services for Taiwan, China, Southeast and other areas. Regular product and service trainings are conducted for all
professional business personnel to constantly upgrade themselves, thus offering top-notch services and product
knowledge to customers. 

Marketing Group:
With profound background in food related certification, the team specialized in precise market analysis, professional
theories and food related knowledge and regulations to assist customers to design and plan exclusive product

Customer Service Group:
Assisting customers’ needs at anytime at the shortest time. Providing customer with value-added solutions to solve
problems faced by customers.  

Inspection Department:
Compson’s business management philosophy is to provide customers with top quality and authentic product at an
affordable price. With more than NT$6 million annual investment on laboratory equipments such as HPLC, UV and
biological detection, Compson aim to provide safe and quality assured products for customers’ different needs. 

Logistic Department:
Equipped with temperature-controlled warehouse, Compson logistic team’s task is to store, distribute, warehousing,
movement of goods from one place to another (internally or externally), tracking and delivery of goods. It involves a
complete process of planning, managing, controlling and coordination to make sure that the goods reach the right
place, at the right time, for the right cost and in a right condition.

Dosage Form Design Personnel:
Professional personnel with rich experience are able to solve customers’ enquiries on dosage form design for new
formula designs from capsule, tablet and powder to any kind of beverage processing. 

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