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  • Italy Patented Phosphatidylserine
    • The top PS ingredient, produced by the world's leading phospholipid manufacturer with decades of development experience.
    • Proprietary process to ensure concentration and stability with zero residue of enzyme activity, and with 19 patents.
    • Supported by 4 experimental studies.
    • From non-GMO soybeans traced by IPM traceability system. Safe and vegan food ingredient.
    • Kosher certificate.
  • French Lemon Balm Extract
    • Produced by Naturex, a leading international herbal extract company.
    • Standardized rosmarinic acid, a good partner of GABA.
    • Supported by an original study helping to regulate physiological functions and assist in sleep.
  • German Milk Extract (with Ceramide)
    • Produced by Lecico Germany, global phospholipid technology expert.
    • With high-end phospholipid technology to provide economical sphingomyelin ingredient, rich in phospholipids such as PC, PE, PS and so on.
    • Wide applications such as capsules, milk drinks and others. Safe and popular ingredients.
  • Patented American Ginseng Extract
    • Produced by Naturex, an internationally renowned biotechnology company.
    • Supported by 1 US patent and 2 original studies.
    • Containing ginsenosides to help nourish and strengthen the body.
    • FSSC22000 certified for strict quality control.
  • US Whey Protein Extract (with Sialic Acid)
    • Hi-tech mass produced sialic acid, a superior choice in safety and price.
    • Sialic acid with the highest market share in the world, and an excellent ingredient for maintain beauty.
    • Low costs, but noble health care.
  • Algae Extract Powder (with DHA)
    • Produced by the world's largest algae DHA manufacturer, and widely used by many well-known milk powder brands.
    • Pure and pollution-free algae source, with several specifications of DHA content from 10%, 17%, to 35%.
    • An excellent DHA supplement for vegetarians, and no fishy taste.
    • EU EC food affirmed, and Kosher certificate.
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