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  • Multi-patented Marigold Extract
    • Boutique lutein with 17 patents, and free and esterified form.
    • The world’s unique golden ratio of three major xanthophylls, supported by many studies.
    • High stability in storage.
    • Kosher and Halal certificate.
  • Nordic Bilberry Extract
    • Produced by Chr. Hansen, a century-old Danish biotech manufacturer, and notable for extracting Nordic bilberry.
    • Authentic European original variety of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), for the best quality source.
    • 20 anthocyanins being detected by the European Pharmacopoeia standard method, and the ultimate choice for bilberry.
    • High-class and precious origin, adopted by most EU, US and Japan brands.
    • Kosher, Halal, and FSSC2200 certificate.
  • US Patented Red Algae Extract (with Astaxanthin)
    • Produced by Valensa, an internationally renowned US manufacturer.
    • Supported by patents and rich experimental studies, and selected by many well-known EU and US brands.
    • Produced by proprietary Deep ExtractTM supercritical CO2 extraction technology for excellent quality.
    • Competitive astaxanthin in the market for its quality and price.
    • The most suitable for youthful beauty and brighter world.
    • Granular and oil form available.
  • Patented Marigold Extract (Oil, Granular Form)
    • With US and JP patents.
    • Stable esterified structure, not destroyed by acid or alkali conditions.
    • Extracted from Indian marigold with supercritical CO2 extraction, providing stable quality in granular and oil form.
    • With the most competitive price.
    • ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher, and Halal certificate.
  • New Zealand Black Currant Extract
    • Being exposed to the strong sunlight in New Zealand to contain rich anthocyanins (including C3G, D3G, C3R, D3R).
    • High anthocyanin content for the excellent nutritional supplement.
    • Non-GMO, high quality and safety.
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