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  • Hawaiian Astaxanthin (BioAstin)
    • The world’s earliest mass produced astaxanthin by Cyanotech, and the leading brand in the category widely sold around the US and notable shopping plaftforms.
    • From the pure environment of Hawaii, with high-quality growing elements for Haematococcus pluvialis - sunlight, air, and water.
    • The world's famous red algae extraction plant, covering an area of over 100 acres.
    • Supported by 3 patents and many studies, helping to regulate the physiological function and maintain health.
  • US Patented Chicken Sternal Cartilage Extract (with Type II Collagen)
    • US and Canada patented technology to retain maximum nutrition.
    • Extracted from the sternal cartilage of 4-8 week chicken, containing natural components such as type II collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine.
    • Upgrade ingredient for glucosamine products.
  • US Patented Chicken Sternal Cartilage Extract with Eggshell Membrane
    • Using US patented process technology to obtain precious nutrients of chicken sternal cartilage and eggshell membrane.
    • An all-in-one combination of type 1, 2, 5, 10 collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine.
    • Upgrade ingredient for type II collagen products.
  • French Fish Bone Calcium
    • A natural calcium supplement with many experimental studies.
    • Helping with the normal development of teeth and skeletons.
    • Extracted from the top grade cods of the pure and pollution-free North Atlantic ocean.
  • Italian MSM
    • 99% Purity and high quality.
    • Produced by notable experienced manufacturer.
    • Main ingredient selected by international big brands in the category.
    • The best formulation ingredient with glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.
    • With high consumer satisfaction.
  • US Patented Calcium Bisglycinate
    • Produced by Albion Laboratories, the world-renowned manufacturer of amino acid chelated minerals.
    • The world's leading mineral manufacturer for calcium and recommended company by the United Nations.
    • With 3 patents of amino acid chelation technology and TRAACS identification technology to ensure high bioavailability and stability.
    • EFSA affirmed, Kosher, and Halal certified food fortifying ingredient.
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