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  • Bitter Gourd Extract Powder (with Multi-patent Peptide)
    • With 9 multi-national patents and three major invention awards in Nuremberg, Geneva, and Pittsburgh.
    • Supported by a number of studies.
    • Patented technology receiving the 2014 Taiwan Ministry of Economics Invention Award.
    • Containing a specific sequence of peptides, differentiated from the common bitter melon saponin.
    • Helping to regulate physiological functions, promote metabolism and maintain health.
    • Pure water extraction without chemical worries.
  • US Patented Chromium Picolinate
    • With 3 US patents.
    • Helping to promote metabolism.
    • King of chromium with high bioavailability as indicated in studies as 3-16 times better than other forms of chromium.
    • Widely used in the US and selected by many big brands, and the golden partner of the patented cinnamon extract.
    • Low dosage, suitable for formulation.
  • Patented Cinnamon Extract
    • Competitive ingredient with 6 patents.
    • Proprietary water extraction technology, and zero burden.
    • Supported by 5 experimental studies.
    • Helping to promote metabolism and regulate physiological functions.
    • The experiment completed in the American Nutrition Research Center.
    • The No. 1 selling ingredient in the category in the US.
  • Canadian Fenugreek Seed Extract
    • Popular in Europe, America and Japan.
    • Golden ratio of galactose and mannan as 1:1, and also 75% water-soluble dietary fiber.
    • Helping to regulate physiological functions, promote metabolism, and easily maintain a healthy state.
    • Halal certificate.
  • Frence Patented Green Coffee Extract
    • Produced by Naturex, an internationally renowned biotechnology company, and been sold 144 tons in the US.
    • With a US patent and 6 original experimental studies.
    • Helping to promote metabolism and maintain good health.
    • Designated hot-selling ingredient by US TV shows and media.
    • Extracted from non-GMO Robusta green coffee beans.
    • Proprietary process to remove caffeine and diterpenes to ensure safe quality!
    • Hi-Europe innovation awarded, and Halal and Kosher certificate.
    • FSSC22000 certificate.
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