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  • US Patented Iron Bisglycinate / World's Top and Precious Iron Supplement
    • Produced by Albion Laboratories, the world's leading mineral manufacturer and recommended company by the United Nations.
    • Proprietary amino acid chelation technology with high stability and safety, supported by 4 patents and over 20 studies.
    • Helping to adjust the physiological function and maintain a good skin condition.
    • FDA GRAS and ISO9001 certified for strict qualtiy control.
    • Popular iron supplement reported by Taiwan TV media, and well sold nationwide.
  • Japan Patented Fish Protein Peptide
    • With 1 US patent, and 5 JP patents.
    • Helping to adjust the physiological function, relax and enjoy new life.
    • High water solubility for various product development.
  • Japanese patented rose petal extract
    • Produced by NOF company, a diversified Japanese big manufacturer in oil, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
    • Designated by many Japanese big brands. Popular ingredient in the nation.
    • Highly praised in the industry in Taiwan, and widely applied in many products.
    • A recognized ingredient for beauty and youth.
  • Japanese Heme Iron
    • High bioavailable divalent iron (Fe2+) supplement.
    • A natural and safe iron supplement supported by original studies.
    • Helping to improve physical fitness and strength!
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