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  • USA Patented Cranberry Extract
    • Decas Botanical Synergies, the long-established cranberry company under Naturex, provides high-quality and vertically integrated products worldwide.
    • Safe and reliable cranberry extracts, manufactured by a GMP factory using non-GMO raw materials, being the first-choice by international big brands.
    • The world's first cranberry extracts with standardized anthocyanins. Wide range of specifications suitable for various applications.
    • Good price and diverse specifications.
  • Multi-national Patented Cranberry Extract
    • 9 patents including US, UK, and AU. The strongest market background.
    • The world's only male and female privacy maintenance ingredient, with rich experimental studies. Suitable for wide target groups.
    • KFDA certified health claim, Kosher, and Halal certificate.
  • USA Cranberry Extract
    • Cranberry extract powder, with fine particles and excellent water solubility, suitable for beverage development.
    • Containing 1% proanthocyanidin, 35% organic acid, 7% quinic acid and other active ingredients.
    • Halal certificate
  • USA Cranberry Concentrate Powder
    • Using unique separation process for concentrating whole-fruit cranberry.
    • A rare ingredient for a specific condition in Taiwan. Farewelling to old-fashion ingredients.
    • The first choice for regulating physiological functions and improving life quality.
    • Halal and Kosher certificate. Safe and reliable ingredient.
    • A high-quality production source and flat price.
  • Multi-national Patented Cranberry Extract
    • 9 patents including US, UK, and AU.
    • Proanthocyanidins >40%, the top specification in the market. Excellent quality!
    • Supported by 2 original studies. Superior privacy maintenance.
  • France Patented Roselle Sepal Extract
    • The world-renowned patented roselle sepal extract, with 4 patents (US, EU, JP and FR) and rich experimental data.
    • Containing organic acids, helping to change the bacteria ecology. A secret weapon for women.
    • The best partner for cranberry extract. Internationally popular brand.
    • Halal, ISO9001, and FSSC22000 certificate.
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