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Advantageous Taichung
Get away from the humid rainy weather in Taipei and the sweat-dripping Kaohsiung, Taichung is the place which
many has visited before. 

Energetic Taichung
Home to one of the Central Taiwan Science Park, which attracts high-tech industries and talents for permanent
settlement, the park is a prominent project in Taichung. Roam around the famous night markets around Taichung
First Senior High School, Fengchia University and Tunghai University area and get a taste of the local street food.
Shop area these area and try out the Korea, Japan, etc. inspired fashion. The night never seems to stop in Taichung. 

Healthy Taichung
Finding somewhere serene and quiet, Taichung cheap house rental (Attachment 1: Rental Comparison Table) would
be one of your best choice to stay. Discover the great culture and heritage around Taichung, from Miaoli Hakki
culture to Changhua tradition atmosphere spreading across these cities. Take a breath away from the city area and
escape to the exciting outdoors, such as Guguang, Daken, Hsinshe, Chingjing, Central Cross-Island Highway and
Chuolang’s spring, etc. Compson also takes good care of the employees’ health condition by offering favorable
discount for employees to purchase top-tier Compson’s supplement product for themselves and their families. 

Leave your hometown to Taichung
Leaving your hometown? Located in the central of Taiwan, Taichung is just an less than an hour away from the
southern and northern part of Taiwan by High-Speed Railway. Other convenient means of transport such as
Taiwan Railway or coach services can easily get you home.

Sweet Taichung
Immerge in a joyful working environment, despite being busy, employees at work spent their day filled with laughter at

In Compson, we discourage individualist, arrogant and workplace bullying. We respect each and every colleagues at
work and together as a team, Compson employees are able to achieve greater heights. We believe we can do it! 

Attachment 1: Rental Comparison Table

Attachment 2: Traffic Map 

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