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Oat Bran(Containing β-Glucan)
Garcinia Cambogia Extract (Calcium)
Garcinia Cambogia Extract (Potassium)
Grape Skin Extract (Containing Resveratrol)
Pine Bark Extract
Green Tea Extract
Soy Extract (Containing Isoflavones 40%) - Deglycosylated
Soy Extract (Containing Isoflavones 10% ) (Water-soluble)
Crataegi Fructus Extract
Dioscoreae Rhizoma Extract
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
Angelicae Sinensis Radix Extract
Ginseng Radix Extract
Garlic Extract
Fructus Schisandrae Extract
Rhodiola Extract
Turmeric Extract
Artichoke Extract
Artichoke Extract (France)
Echinacea Extract
Olive Leaf Extract
Citrus Bioflavonoids
Bilberry Extract
Marigold Extract (Containing Lutein & Zeaxanthin & meso-Zeaxanthin) 
Marigold Extract (Containing Lutein Ester 5%. Beadlet)
Marigold Extract (Containing Lutein Ester 20%. Beadlet)
Maca Powder
Bitter Melon Extract
Bitter Melon Extract (India)
White Kidney Bean Extract
White Kwao Krua Extract
Wudcekery Seed Extract
Dandelion Extract
Chanca Piedra Extract
Eyebright Extract
Soy Lecithin
Lycii Fructus Extract
Monkey Head Mushroom Extract
Rakanka Extract
Pomegranate Extract
Pomegranate Extract (US, patented, with Ellagic acid)
Juniper Berry Extract
Mulberry Extract 10%
Mulberry Extract 1% (DNJ)
Roselle Calyx Extract
Cactus Extract (Mexico)
Cactus Extract (South Africa)
Cat's Claw Extract
Ziziphi Spinosae Semen Extract
Hops Extract
Marigold Extract (Containing Zeaxanthin)
Chive Seed Extract
Cranberry Extract(Containing Anthocyanidin) (CYSTICRAN)
Cranberry Extract(Containing Anthocyanidin & Organic acid) (NUTRICRAN)
Cranberry Extract(Containing Anthocyanidin) (PACRAN)
Cranberry Concentrated Powder
Phellinus linteus (Berk. et Curt) Aoshima Extract
Cinnamoni Cortex Extract
Phytosterol Powder
Barley Grass Powder
Wheat Grass Powder
Grape Seed Extract
Sugar Cane Wax Extract (Containing Policosanol)
Rice Bran Extract(Containing Policosanol)
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract (France)
Black Currant Extract
Fermented Rice Bran(Containing GABA)
Fenugreek Extract
Acai Extract 4:1
Herba Andrographitis Extract
Peppermint Extract (Containing Polyphenol)
Fermented Black Garlic
Rose Flowers Extract
Camellia Sinensis Extract
Chasteberry Extract
Strawberry (Containing Polyphenol)
Fenugreek Seed Extract
Kiwifruit Extract (Containing Kiwi Enzyme)
Kiwifruit Extract (Containing Kiwi Polyphenols)
Whole body of Kiwifruit Extract(Containing Kiwi Enzyme+Polyphenols+Pulp Fibers)
Saffron Extract (France)
Saffron Extract (Spain)
Beer Yeast (Containing Vitamin B complex)
Brewer Yeast (Sheet)
Brewer Yeast (Powder)
Soybean Extract (Containing Phosphatidylserine)
Soy Lecithin (Containing Phosphatidylcholine)
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